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Open Game Engine 2D Features

Open Game Engine 2D, Version 1.0.1

In current version, the engine has the following features

- Graphic -

  • Pure 2D rendering
  • Support window mode and fullscreen mode
  • Support loading common image file formats (such as BMP,JPG,PNG, etc.)
  • Support rendering PNG with alpha channel
  • Support dirty rect mode
  • Support common 2D graphic effects
  • Support 2D dynamic lighting
  • Support normal scrolling map, tiled map and isometric map
  • Support scene transition effects
  • Support simple UI (via official sprite components)
  • Support dot font display
  • Support TTF, unicode and multi-language display
  • Support playing video file (mpeg file)

- Audio -

  • Support sound and music
  • Support loading and playing common audio file formats (such as WAV,OGG,MP3, etc.)
  • Support music fade-in and fade-out effects

- Input -

  • Support keyboard, mouse and joystick
  • Support IM (Input Method)
  • Support multi-touch (for smartphone)

- Network -

  • Support playing game as a client
  • Support playing game as a server

- Database -

  • Support multiple databases (via SOCI)
  • Provide encrypted SQLite3 database

- Script -

  • C/C++ like script (AngelScript)
  • Support object-oriented program
  • Support calling external DLL or SO files
  • Support loading pre-compiled script (binary code)
  • Support encrypting game scripts and loading encrypted game scripts
  • Provide over 500 API functions to cover everything in a game

- Sprite Engine -

  • Event driven
  • Sprite component architecture.
    • Allow developer to define a sprite class with custom properties and custom events
    • Only use ini files and script files to define a custom sprite class
    • Sprite class has object-oriented features
  • Support custom data object
  • Support movement path object
  • Support timer
  • Support plot

- ETC -

  • Support A * pathfinding (for RPG game)
  • Support movement range finding (for SLG game)
  • Support key mapping (for keyboard input)
  • Support encrypting game resource files and loading encrypted game resource files
  • Support compressing and packing game resource files

Open Game Maker 2D Features

Open Game Maker 2D, Version 1.0.1

In current version, the IDE has the following features

  • WYSIWYG scene designer
  • Script editor with syntax highlighting
  • Script compiler and debugger
  • Sprite editor, path editor and map editor
  • Property editor and event editor
  • Game resource preview
  • Game resource import/export
  • Support plug-in framework (provide APIHelper plug-in by default)
  • Support calling external tools (provide SQLite3 shell by default)
  • Support unicode and multi-language (provide English and Chinese language pack by default)
  • Support cross compiling scripts and packing (include encrypting) game resource for the following platforms:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS
    • Windows Mobile
    • Android
    • iPhone