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Open Game Maker 2D Tutorial - Intro

Open Game Maker 2D Tutorial - Intro

Before start to learn how to use Open Game Maker 2D to develop a game, let's clear up some questions first.

1. What is Open Game Maker 2D? Dose it fit your game development?

OGM is a free, open source, cross-platform and Delphi-like game IDE. It aims to

  • Let games written once and run under any supported platforms(current supported platforms are: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone)
  • Be a Delphi-like game IDE with a sprite component architecture, which allow developers to use sprites in a game just as them use components in a Delphi application.

Although OGM now provides "Script Builder" plug-in to help developer to generate script code, but OGM still encourages developers to design the main game logic by writing script code directly. So maybe OGM only fits the developers who

  • Have game development experience and want to develop a cross-platform game.
  • Have Delphi/BCB development experience and want to develop games with a Delphi-like IDE.
  • Have programming experience and want to develop professional games.

If you just want to make a game very quickly and do not want to write any script code, you may use Game Maker or RPG Maker, they are both good game development tools. But, if you are considering buying a 2D game development tool to develop a cross-platform game, why not have a try with OGM2D? It is open source software and is completely free.

2. How to get Open Game Maker 2D? How to install and run it?
You may get the binary package  from
Install: Just unzip the package into a folder whose full name only contains standard ASCII characters(also no blank please).
Run: Double click the executable file "ogm2d.exe" in the output folder.

3. What is the licence of Open Game Maker 2D and the games made by it?
Open Game Maker 2D is a free and open scource software. It is licensed under the terms of the GPL3 license.
(And the default plug-in "APIHelper" is licensed under the terms of the BSD license.)
The games made by OGM, actually, are built with a game engine named Open Game Engine 2D.
And Open Game Engine 2D is free and open scource too. It is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.
That means, you may modify its source code and do not need to make yours open source too.
Okay, then let's start to make a new game now :)