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Open Game Engine 2D Features

lin posted @ Thu, 03 Feb 2011 01:52:27 +0800 in feature , 1626 readers
Open Game Engine 2D, Version 1.0.1

In current version, the engine has the following features

- Graphic -

  • Pure 2D rendering
  • Support window mode and fullscreen mode
  • Support loading common image file formats (such as BMP,JPG,PNG, etc.)
  • Support rendering PNG with alpha channel
  • Support dirty rect mode
  • Support common 2D graphic effects
  • Support 2D dynamic lighting
  • Support normal scrolling map, tiled map and isometric map
  • Support scene transition effects
  • Support simple UI (via official sprite components)
  • Support dot font display
  • Support TTF, unicode and multi-language display
  • Support playing video file (mpeg file)

- Audio -

  • Support sound and music
  • Support loading and playing common audio file formats (such as WAV,OGG,MP3, etc.)
  • Support music fade-in and fade-out effects

- Input -

  • Support keyboard, mouse and joystick
  • Support IM (Input Method)
  • Support multi-touch (for smartphone)

- Network -

  • Support playing game as a client
  • Support playing game as a server

- Database -

  • Support multiple databases (via SOCI)
  • Provide encrypted SQLite3 database

- Script -

  • C/C++ like script (AngelScript)
  • Support object-oriented program
  • Support calling external DLL or SO files
  • Support loading pre-compiled script (binary code)
  • Support encrypting game scripts and loading encrypted game scripts
  • Provide over 500 API functions to cover everything in a game

- Sprite Engine -

  • Event driven
  • Sprite component architecture.
    • Allow developer to define a sprite class with custom properties and custom events
    • Only use ini files and script files to define a custom sprite class
    • Sprite class has object-oriented features
  • Support custom data object
  • Support movement path object
  • Support timer
  • Support plot

- ETC -

  • Support A * pathfinding (for RPG game)
  • Support movement range finding (for SLG game)
  • Support key mapping (for keyboard input)
  • Support encrypting game resource files and loading encrypted game resource files
  • Support compressing and packing game resource files

Ac-Studio said:
Mon, 14 Feb 2011 06:37:06 +0800

Hey !

I really like your engine !
I hope you release it with an english translation !
Can make a video of those news features ? like pathfinding, dynamic light etc...
Thanks for your hard work on a free software !

Ac-Studio said:
Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:43:00 +0800

@lin: Okay ^^
When you will release it, I can give the link of your software in a french community of RPG Maker. That increase your popularity x)
I wait. :P

lin said:
Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:43:47 +0800


You are the first guy left a comment in this blog :)

I am going to write some tutorials first. And all tutorials will have two language versions: one is in english, and the other is in chinese.

About the video, I think maybe i would make some to show the operations mentioned in the tutorials.

Thank you very much for your advice :)

Jack said:
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 02:47:21 +0800

I haven't tried much of this yet, but is physics integrated? If it isn't, is it possible for me to integrate it myself, or would you possibly do it for me someday?

Really, thanks for all the hard work. I'm really looking forward to working with this!

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